DASH 2023 in Review

I attended DASH 2023, here's what I learned from the talks I attended.

This week I was at DASH 2023 and attended a bunch of cool sessions.

  1. AWS GameDay - Serverless work with Automation and Workflows: Hands-on session, where we got into a sandbox environment and solved actual problems with DataDog. I haven't used serverless much yet, but cool to see just how much visiblity you can have into your functions.

  2. Diagnose and Optimize CPU Performance with Continuous Profiler: Profiling is great when developing locally, but it becomes even more powerful when you can capture traces of what's happening in production.

  3. DASH Keynote: DataDog is releasing a ton of new products. There are several Generative-AI-related tools, but I'm probably most interested in some offerings for finding and managing code-level vulnerabilities and static analysis.

  4. The Darkside of GraphQL: GraphQL is powerful, but can be challenging to productionize. Make sure you're using it securely!

  5. From Solution to Startup: Stories of products that began inside other companies.

  6. The Beauty of a CLI and how we scaled our Operations Software Need: A delightful talk about begin inspired by classic CLI tools (like cp) and building internal tools that do one thing well.

  7. The Edge of Observability: How Chick-fil-A Observes a fleet of 2800 Restaurant-deployed K8s Clusters: Grills, fryers, and fridges as IOT devices, with a K3s cluster on a few Intel NUCs in every location. This was a fascinating look at using a lot of the observabilty tools we're familiar with in a very different environment.

Pretty sure a bunch of these talks were recorded; if those recording appear on YouTube, I'll add links above.