My Daily Tools

This week I posted a video about the tools I use daily as a software engineer. This is a convenient place to see a list of all those tools, as well as find links to other places where I've talked about them more.


Alacritty is the terminal emulator I use.


Nothing special here, no OMZ or anything, just some basic config.

Starship Prompt

Starship is a easy-to-customize prompt for whatever shell you use.


A better alternative to cd, you can get this with brew install z on MacOS. If you're on another OS, it's available there too. Or just get the shell script from the link below.


So many uses for fzf, but I use it mainly for shell history searching (ctrl-r).

Neovim / LunarVim

Neovim is a modern rewrite of Vim. LunarVim is an opinionated config set for Neovim.

Bonus: Tmux

I totally forgot to mention tmux in the video, but I use it daily as well! Often, I just use it as a fast way to have multiple sessions open at once.